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Its Your MoveDisposal and clearance service for properties of all sizes and types:

  • Inner city properties, even with limited parking
  • Flats and appartments, even where there is no lift
  • Commercial premises, including shops and offices, factories and warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Farms, barns and hangars
  • Gardens and areas of land, including sheds, outbuildings, vehicles, etc.

Disposing of unwanted items while moving house
We can dispose of waste items you do not wish to take with you, either because you are down-sizing or simply because you plan to equip your new home with new furniture. We know that moving home is the perfect opportunity to declutter and live more minimally, so let us take the hard work out of clearing out old unused or unneeded possessions.

Household Waste Disposal Services
We offer disposal services for homes, garages and gardens – for when you simply need to declutter your home. We can simplify the task of removing large and heavy items from your property.

Comprehensive House Clearance
You may find the task of clearing out your home very daunting, emotional or a huge physical challenge. Also you might not want to take time out of work in order to see the process through. It’s Your Move are experienced house clearers and our workforce can be either directed by you or left alone to swiftly load our vehicles with maximum use of space, thereby providing much better value than other options you might like to use instead – such as hiring a skip. We can often complete the task in a single day too, allowing you to move forward quickly with your letting, selling, or redecorating.

Commercial sector
Not restricted to homes, office and factory/industrial premises can be cleared by our team too. We clear houses for clients in letting and estate agents, and offer a discrete service for solicitors who deal with the properties of individuals who have recently passed away.

Our prices are transparent with no hidden extras
The price is always agreed before we start work. We then commence the task and take everything we agreed to with no hassle or hidden costs.

Greener Services
We are an environmentally-concious company and always route recyclable and reusable items and materials to be processed instead of simply tipping them. This ensures we keep the costs associated with our clearance and disposal services low, but also makes sense to preserve the environment for future generations. We act in accordance with all Environment Agency regulations, including the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost?
    We offer a fixed price quote. This is calculated according to density of contents and number of rooms. We can call in to evaluate the job for free; simply call us on 0800 511 8282 or fill in our Enquiry Form.
  • I wish to keep some of my items. How are these handled?
    We are always happy to transport any items you wish to retain to a location of your choice.
  • There are valuable / sentimental items in my property. Can these be saved?
    Antiques, collectables (books, stamps, toys, silverware, ceramics), fine art can either be kept aside for you to go through yourself or we can simply arrange for these to be sold on your behalf and the proceeds used to offset the fee of your clearance service. We are totally flexible and understand the need to listen closely to our customers to ensure nothing is ever sold accidentally or before people have a chance to change their mind.
  • I’m not sure what’s in the room(s) I need clearing. Do you clear everything you find?
    We are sensitive when going through personal effects to separate photos, important or confidential documents and the like, ensuring that they are brought to the attention of the owners or relatives. Our staff are bound by a confidentiality agreement which prevents them from disclosing any details of the house clearance to any third party.
  • My property is extremely cluttered / unsanitary / unsafe. Can you still do it?
    Sometimes the sheer volume of possessions makes the task too much for family or friends to cope with. This is actually far more common than you may think and often arises as a result of ill health or infirmity of the occupants, a condition like Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome or OCD, or simply adverse personal circumstances. We are happy to clear properties containing years of accumulated posessions and often deal with tons of stored rubbish. There is no need to be embarrassed by such conditions.
  • My property contains illegal items. What will happen to them?
    We do encounter hazardous waste during clearances, such as firearms, ammunition and chemicals (such as pesticides) which were sold without restriction when purchased but which have subsequently been banned. When this happens we can arrange for them to be disposed of in compliance with current UK legislation.