When relocating it is time to make a checklist of all the tasks to perform. Of course one of the main things to do remains researching and choosing the best removal company service possible. It is important to establish the costs of removals and the possibility to save money when moving is always welcome as well, yes. But another main issue to solve is the packing. With time we all tend to accumulate things and when the time to move comes – then we realize how much stuff we own. And then it is time to think about how to easily and efficiently pack it all up. If you can manage that it will save you not just costs but also time, effort and stress.

Efficient Packing Tips for Moving a House or Apartments

Before getting on to packing think about downsizing and decluttering. With so many things at home you probably don’t need to pay for all of that to be shipped. You can make some money out of posting things on ebay, you can leave things at a jumble sale or go to a carboot. Carboots will cost you just about £5 – £6 to enter (depending on your location) and you will also have fun there (and make some money)! Start by going through the rooms at your home one by one. All the easy packing tips when moving a house or apartment will be even simpler to make with less things to pack.
People sell things there for different reasons – if you ask them you may get some useful reference about choosing the right removalist.

Before starting packing supply yourself with enough packing materials. People often underestimate how much things they have so get more supplies than you think you will need.
Plan the packing materials well by considering how much you will need. Most people underestimate the amount of things they have amassed so however many boxes you think you will need – get more than that.
There are also licensed removal firms with insurance that will provide you with the packing materials and after you pack they will collect the rest that you haven’t used. You just need to ask for a quote first.
Packing Tips when Moving House or Apartment

Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. It is difficult to predict how much time you will need to pack so don’t waste it. Besides, that way you can also save your effort instead of doing it all in a few days time and getting overexhausted.
Before getting down to the efficient packing tips for moving home plan how you will pack everything. Some items will need special care and bubble wrap like valuables. Some pieces of furniture may require dismantling like your couch. Removal companies offer such services.
Heavy things should be placed in smaller boxes that can be easily carried. Don’t place the heavy things in second hand boxes. When packing make the boxes stronger by putting duct tape all around them so they won’t break when carrying.
Number the boxes and then make an inventory list with the content of each box. After that mark every box with a colour denoting the room it belongs to – for example green – living room, blue – kitchen, yellow – bathroom, etc. It will help you find what you need in the chaos of your new home when everything was just unloaded from the van. On boxes containing breakable things write “fragile” on top and all sides. This is one of the simple packing tips for moving which a lot of people underestimate but is far too useful to be neglected.

One of the most efficient packing tips when relocating is to number the boxes and make an inventory of them. Later you will quickly be able to find what you need in all of that luggage.
You can wrap mirrors and picture frames into bubble wrap and then place in moving boxes.
Don’t use tape directly over furniture as it may leave marks and spoil the surface. Pack everything first and then tape it. What you are going to place in boxes should be wrapped. Use bubble wrap and/ or crumpled paper for breakable things.
Prepare your “Open first” box. Put in it the things that you will take with you like a kettle, mugs, teabags, milk, cutlery, plates, some snacks and drinks.
Remember to put last in the van the bed, bed linen, and the things for the bathroom and toilet like shampoo, toilet paper, towels, etc. When the vehicle with your belongings arrives unpack and make the bed first – after a long day of moving you will certainly enjoy the moment of having a rest right when you need it. Unpack the bathroom and toilet and then go on with the rest of the boxes.
One of the efficient packing tips for moving that can preserve your belonging’ integrity is the way you arrange them in the van. Though soon there will be an article devoted particularly on this subject it is worth mentioning a few words here. Along with all the rest of the packing tips when moving house or an apartment it’s important to mention that larger and heavier items go first in the moving van. Cover the furniture with moving pads or moving blankets in order to protect it from damage from the things that are on top of it. On top of the large pieces of furniture arrange lighter objects and on top – smallest and least fragile things like clothes.
Try to tie up well and secure everything in the moving van. When on the road your furniture and boxes should be stable otherwise you risk damaging them. Following these packing tips when moving house will help you for a great move. Of course, if you hire a quality removal company for a full move you needn’t worry about packing – your belongings should arrive safely at point of destination when being handled by the hands of experts.
And lastly – pack documentation and take it with you along with the valuables that you have.
Easy Packing Tips for Moving

All these simple packing tips for moving should help you arrange your items and transport them safely. When looking for more smart packing tips for moving home you can also ask for reference. Talk to your neighbours, friends, colleagues and tell them you are moving. Ask for some advice. The best ones will come from personal experience. When people need to relocate they have to find the easy packing tips for moving apartments or house and they can share their good ideas with you.

Try out the smart packing tips for moving mentioned here. If you are relocating for the first time and haven’t got much experience they’ll help you. More efficient packing tips for moving you can find here – these are some great ideas by Martha Stewart. Of course, if you would like to add some more interesting information, you can share it in the comments below.


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